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Native Americans in Photographs

Many photographers will tell you that there is something classic and authentic about black and white photography; and this is never more true than with native photos. Levi Blackwolf presents some of today’s most cutting edge photos for the masses, portraying the true beauty of First Nation culture and its people.

Photographer Edward Curtis is well-known for his pictures of Native Americans — pictures that were, for him, an effort to document and preserve Native American culture. Over 150,000 stock photos and video available with respect to First Nation lifestyles past, present and future. Thanks for sharing these photographs of numerous tribes and symbols by Edward Curtis.

If you have always found the Native American culture fascinating, and are searching for a way to bring that spiritual awareness into your own home, perhaps incorporating some Native American photos into your decor is worth consideration. One simple way make these historic photos work better with your overall design is to choose a frame that blend with the rest of your home.

Curtis set out to photograph the North American Indian way of life at a time when Native Americans were being forced from their land and stripped of their rights. I am so incredibly sad after viewing the photos of such beautiful, dignified and unique looking young people who were stripped of their identity at such a critical time in their lives. These photos are “copyright friendly,” which means you can use them without getting special permission or paying for them.

Some of these photos are incredibly haunting; I have a good friend who is half-Sioux, half-Saulteaux (his folks are from southern Saskatchewan) and the kid in the back middle of the Sioux children has the same eyes as him. Yes, they look at home in their original clothing at first, and fairly miserable in the second photos – but bear in mind that even today, even among people who voluntarily go abroad to live, at the fourth month of their sojourn (the point when these photos were taken) people immersed in a foreign culture are in acute culture shock.

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